I was able to leave my job and spend more time with my family.

Mariya Kiriyakova, director and user of Aquasource products for over 9 years shares her experience on how AquaSource has changed her perspective in life and the people around her.

Being a mother of two, Mariya now enjoys the life that she has only dreamed of for herself and her family. A business, financial stability and good health and she wants to help you achieve your goals and dreams too.

After seeing results after only 1 week of taking Aquasource products, Mariya shared about her experience with friends and family and soon expanded her circle and doubled her income too. With her wit and personality, she has inspired others to give Aquasource a try. You can definitely never go wrong with being your own product testimony! Given the financial security and stability with on time commissions and constant motivation, Mariya has quit her job and now enjoys more time with her family and her Aquasource business anytime, anywhere.

No longer working an 8 to 5 job, Mariya loves the fact that there are no limits – no limits to the work that she can do, no limits to what she can achieve and definitely no limits to how much she can earn. With nothing but wonderful pleasantries about her Aquasource family and the support that she has received since day one, she is sure to be “home” with the company.  

Mariya stresses the importance of health, of how she has become a better version of herself, of how she has met new people who are now her friends, of how Aquasource has taught her to be focused on her goal and directed her toward achieving her dream. Something that she wants to share for others to experience what she has.

Even with everything that’s happening, it’s business as usual for Mariya! With just a mobile phone and the internet, she is able to reach people, make business in the comforts and serenity of home while making the most of being a mother and a house maker. For Mariya, what she does with and for Aquasource is not only a business, it has become her passion and her mission to help, to inspire and to become better.

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