AquaSource products support my active lifestyle.

Dimitar Petrov, IT and Sales Manager shares his 22 year journey with AquaSource.

Like seasons, Dimitar takes AquaSource supplements to help boost his immune system and give him the drive that he needs to compensate for his busy and hectic lifestyle. An employee, athlete, mountain rescue service volunteer – AquaSource has become his partner in all his endeavours.

22 years into his employment with AquaSource counts the same number of years of him taking AquaSource supplements to help give him the boost and support that he needs not only physically but also mentally. Yes! 22 years and he can clearly remember how it has helped him cope with life’s daily demands and struggles.

Before becoming a certified Mountain Service Rescue member, Dimitar had to go through training having to offset challenges that he prides of overcoming because of his favorite supplements. He now enjoys the satisfaction of helping people in danger. Alongside that, he enjoys rock climbing, reading sci-fi, classical literature and adventure books; he also loves learning new things like playing bagpipes! Indeed a proof that there is no end to learning, our limitations are set by none but our own self.  

Being an AquaSource employee, Dimitar stands by the quality of each product. He shares his experience of witnessing the collection and storage of the raw main ingredient, blue-green algae from Klamath Lake. It was for him a breathtaking experience, beautiful and clean scenery and first hand chance to see how and where AquaSource sources its ingredients.  

At 46, Dimitar is a living proof that with the right supplements, a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet, age is just a number. Dimitar shares the need for supplements to keep him going, to help him keep his immune system healthy, to help keep him focused and to help him with joint recovery and musculoskeletal function given his lifestyle. He continues to enjoy life and its countless pleasures with AquaSource products.

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