Kiril & Gergana Ivanovi - Organic Vitamin D

Making everyday a healthy, sunny day with Organic Vitamin D

To rely on your immune system is a part of daily life and AquaSource takes pride in its Organic Vitamin D made from organic mushrooms as approved by the Vegan society. It’s non-synthetic, making it easy to absorb by our body, feeding your cells with the right food!Formulated to be safe for both adults and children, keep your immune system supported, regardless of the time of year.

Stay healthy, energetic and complete with AquaSource nutritional supplements.

Approved by the Vegan society, AquaSourcegives Vitamin D supplementation closest to its natural, organic form. When it’sorganic, it’s recognized as food by the body and is easier absorbed.

Being a family of sports enthusiasts,muscle function and recovery are essential, and they get this much neededsupport from their favourite duo – Vitamin D and Calcium. The Invanovi familyenjoys the outdoors, children enjoys swimming and biking alongside school work.

What more could they ask for? A healthyfamily, active children performing at their best in school with noticeablegrowth of at least 4-5 centimeters in only a matter of months, they knowthey’ve made the right choice!

Vitamin D is an essential part in givingthe body a boost, and AquaSource offers what you are looking for!

Season change? Worry no more! Stayenergetic, healthy and complete with AquaSource, Vitamin D!

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