Rusi & Stanimira - The AquaSource Business Opportunity

Rusi and Stanimira, both entrepreneurs have been used to receiving income equal to the effort that they put into their previous business ventures.

Feeling dissatisfied with the work that they had been doing, they continued to search for opportunities… and then they found, AquaSource.

Knowing that they wanted more freedom and free time, Rusi and Stanimira welcomed the AquaSource opportunity with open arms. They welcomed training and learned about the importance of having the right attitude, they also acquired the right skills that helped them in their AquaSource journey.

Now Executive Directors in AquaSource, Rusi and Stanimira enjoy more financial freedom and considers their business their major source of income. They enjoy the perks of being in AquaSource – from the high quality products, commission being paid on time, continued product promotions, vacation incentives and rewards. In fact, they’ve earned their FOURTH car from AquaSource!

Starting out with face to face meetings, be that for individuals or small to large groups. They have grown in terms of technology as they now use the internet and social media to market their business, so even during a time of global uncertainty, they have continued to grow their business.

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