Silviya Petkova - The AquaSource Business Opportunity

Silviya, a wife and mother of 3 has been living a hectic lifestyle ever since working as an office assistant and later owner of a family owned, taxi company business. Her everyday lifestyle required a lot of physical and mental energy.

In need of health support, Silviya heard about AquaSource and decided to give it a try. Little did she realise she was not only opening a whole new world of health possibilities, but financial opportunities as well.

With little attention given to the business opportunity with AquaSource, Silviya was more into the health benefits the products had to offer. Shortly after she started taking AquaSource supplements, she and her family have seen and felt the positive effects of it.

Now confident of the quality of the AquaSource products, Silviya was determined to try out all of the products. Why? Because it makes her feel good, gives her the energy that she needs, keeps her healthy and supports not only her but also her family’s health needs.  

Silviya started sharing information about AquaSource to her friends, relatives, neighbors and to every person she could reach. She signed up for online training and webinar sessions that has helped her gain more confidence in her new business journey.  

Amidst the pandemic and the lockdown, Silviya realised how great an opportunity it was to be with AquaSource, a 25 year old company and still growing. She has continued to persevere and soon built her team paving the way to the Director level.  

The best thing about the AquaSource business opportunity is, there’s no investment needed which means there is no risk of loss, a common fear among individuals which  holds them back from any business opportunity. She now enjoys working from home, while travelling or on holiday. All she really needs are her phone and internet connection!  

Silviya confidently invites people knowing AquaSource’s reliability including on time, direct to the bank commission payouts and partnership made easy! She now enjoys peace and confidence in her health and income. AquaSource is not a job, it is a pleasure and now is the best time to start!

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