Vili Karatanova - The AquaSource Business Opportunity

Vili, a wife, mother and Director in AquaSource takes pride in how the AquaSource Business Opportunity has tremendously changed her life.

From working as a teaching assistant and juggling work and family, Vili barely had the time to spend at home with her family. Carrying the guilt of this, Vili explored the world of AquaSource.

Having found out about AquaSource due to her mother regularly taking the AquaSource supplements, Vili did in-depth research on the products that the company had to offer and took the step to try out the supplements herself. She has been very pleased with the results and the quality of the supplements much to the point that she did not want to keep this great health and financial opportunity to herself.  

She started with her friends and family, and then later grew her circle through social media. She continues to learn new strategies through webinars and calls with her sponsor and team which has made her more successful in her AquaSource Journey.

Apart from the health benefits that she stands by, Vili is proud and is constantly excited about the regular commission, promotions, social events and supportive team members that makes her journey worthwhile.  

AquaSource has helped changed Vili’s life by giving her flexibility, more free time for family and hobbies and the opportunity to work from home. What are you waiting for?

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