Zdravka Antonova - Product Testimonial

Zdravka, a medical specialist of 21 years, wife and a mother to a 15-year old daughter speaks highly of AquaSource products and the many benefits that it gives her to help support her needs.  

The need for energy, focus and the need for a reliable immune system support.

Zdravka does not only struggle with juggling the demands at work and family, but she also wanted to support her daughters immune system with the AquaSource products.

Apart from her job, she enjoys baking for her family, gardening and she appreciates her roots with Bulgarian Folklore and folk dancing and tries to make time to attend dance classes. She also enjoys travelling, the breathtaking views of the mountains and the serenity of the sea.

Zdravka’s everyday life requires a lot of focus, she needs to be alert and in the best shape possible to be able to help and support the health needs of people – this is why she needs immune system support!  

With products of proven quality for 20 years, she does not hesitate to share this with people to improve their health. She is an advocate of AquaSource and stands by the health support that the supplements have to offer.  

Choosing a favourite is always a struggle for Zdravka but she commends how the supplements are natural and are welcomed by the body more easily. She names AquaSource probiotics, Acidophilus and Bifidus Complex, Organic Super Berry Powder C. She gets the boost that she needs for her night shifts, immune system support and feels good and full of energy.

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