Zhenya Petrova - AquaSource Lighten-Up!

With Lighten-Up! my children and I are full of energy for our active hobbies and the challenges of the day!

Outside of their daily commitments, Zhenya and her two sons love to participate in various sports and be active outdoors, so they need an efficient and balanced diet to support their fitness and energy levels throughout the year. Our Lighten-Up! vegan protein powder provides Zhenya and her sons with maximum nutritional support, which helps them maintain their busy daily lives and health.

Thanks to the many organic ingredients contained in Lighten-Up!, including AquaSource Organic Algae, organic almonds, quinoa and spirulina, natural CoQ10 and Siberian ginseng, they enjoy a high-quality, nutritious diet.

Lighten-Up! is their favourite food replacement because it is gluten-free, does not contain preservatives, any additives or added sugars – It’s organic, safe, and easily digestible for the body, suitable for vegans and vegetarians – what more could you want for taking care of your health and body!

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